Pioneers and Heroes: A Documentary on the History of the Medical Profession in New Jersey

Through interviews and reinactments the history of the medical profession in new jersey is told.

Production Notes

Logo Ideas_3“Pioneers and Heroes; A Documentary On The Medical Profession In New Jersey” has been accepted into the Atlantic City Cinefest. Our screening is scheduled to play in the 4 p.m. block at the Arts Garage, Oct. 26. For more information on the festival visit their website.


Our film “Pioneers and Heroes; A Documentary On The Medical Profession In New Jersey” will be screened at the Golden Door Film Festival at the Parlay Studios B, 3:00 PM Sat, Oct 12. 161 2nd St., Jersey City, NJ 07302
To purchase tickets follow this link:

goldendoorlogoThe Documentary has been accepted into the Golden Door International Film Festival of Jersey City.


We are currently submitting Part 1 to various film festivals and working on post production on Part 2.

St. Tropex International Film Festival


Here is the IMDB page for Pioneers and Heroes; The History of Medicine in New Jersey.


Here is a sampling of some of the Doctors we have interviewed for the documentary: Dr. Milton Prystowsky, Pediatric Cardiology, Dr. Robert L. Johnson, The Sharon and Joseph L. Muscarell Endowed Dean (interim), Dr. Kendell Sprott, Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, Dr. Steven M. Marcus, Medical Director – NJ Poison Information and Education System Located at UMDNJ, Dr. Edwina D. Verner, Director of Pediatrics – East Orange Primary Care Center, Dr. Alan J. Lippman, Essex Oncology of NJ, Dr. Mark T. Olesnicky, Pats President of the Essex County Medical Society, Dr. Peter W. Carmel, Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurological Surgery UMDNJ, Dr. Leon G. Smith